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Brightside Big Ring

Valentina Falchi


Brightside Small Ring

Valentina Falchi


Bronze Ring with Malachite Stone

Philippa Green


Bypass RIng

Caitie Sellers


Caribbean III Ring 2018

Aviva Shapiro


Carnival Blue Ring

Casa Kiro Joyas


Circle Ring

Melanie Ihnen


Circle Rivet Ring - Kornerupine

Katherine Grocott


Circle Rivet Ring - Moissanite

Katherine Grocott


Circles Squared Ring

Katherine Grocott


Cladonia long stem earrings

Kate Bajic


Coil Ring

2 Colours Available

Anna Davern


Confidence Ring "la vie est belle"

Agathe Saint Girons


Confidence Ring "vive la vie"

Agathe Saint Girons


Coral Ring

Shenhav Russo


Corona Ring

Gemma Grace


Corrugated Wave Ring - Concave

Melody Armstrong


Corrugated Wave Ring - Convex

Melody Armstrong


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