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Corrugated Wave Ring - Concave

Melody Armstrong


Corrugated Wave Ring - Convex

Melody Armstrong


Corrugated Wave Ring Aqua - Convex

Melody Armstrong


Dented Ring 1

5 Colours Avaliable

Katherine Grocott


Dented Ring 2

3 Colours Available

Katherine Grocott


Desideri Clandestini Ring (Clandestine Desires)

Fabiana Fusco


Detailed Porcelain Crescent Ring

Katherine Wheeler


Dewa Ring - LLJ310709, 2017

Leroy Luar


Dewa Ring- LLJ310743, 2017

Leroy Luar


Dewi Ring - LLJ310711, 2018

Leroy Luar


Diamond Knot Ring

Alison Nagasue


Diamond Pebbles Stacking Rings

Catherine Marche


Double Bean Ring Medium

10 colours available

Allison Hilton Jones


Double Bean Ring Small

10 colours available

Allison Hilton Jones


Double Pitted Wire Ring

5 sizes available

Robin Cust


Double Wood Inlay Ring

Sarah Bourke


Druzy Ruby Comet Ring

Laura Ngyou


Duality Ring

NVR Nude


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