Art as Jewellery: From Calder to Kapoor

Art as Jewellery is a fascinating and visually glorious look into the jewellery designed by artists whose names resonate as the masters of Art in the 20th and 21st century. Many of those featured were designers of jewellery, not makers, and the distinction must be made. Whilst Salvador Dali designed extraordinarily beautiful pieces drawing on his Surrealist roots, he relied on others, such as Argentinian born jeweller, Carlos Alemany to bring his drawings to life. Yet others, like Alexander Calder, whose work crossed a number of disciplines actually made the work themselves.

Whilst there are certainly many household names included in the 78 featured artists; Picasso, Koons, Stella, Giamcometti, Ernst to name a few, many would not be aware that they were also involved in the art of jewellery making and took it as seriously as any of their paintings or sculptures. This was not a dalliance, it was an intrinsic part of who they were as an ‘artist’.

The photographs featured are a work of art in themselves and often feature not just the completed piece but the working drawings, initial designs and the process throughout where the piece was refined. Bringing acclaimed photographer Alexander English into the mix to photograph in situ on models for more modern pieces.

This book, by Louisa Guinness puts her expertise as a collector and gallery owner on full display, with a narrative this is both informative and insightful. Art as Jewellery is far more than a coffee table work, it provides a valuable insight and glimpses into the artists life, often showing them at work in their studios, working with their muse’s and detailing the time line evolution of their work.

The result is a visual extravaganza accompanied by commentary that is compelling and informative. Art as Jewellery From Calder to Kapoor, is perfect for both the visual only reader, and those seeking a combination of reference material as well as sheer beauty.