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14k Yellow Gold Ring

Joanna Sinska


18ct and Diamonds Night and Day Ring

Catherine Marche


18ct Gold Engagement Ring

Shimara Carlow


18ct Gold Eternity Ring

Shimara Carlow


18k Yellow Gold Ring

Joanna Sinska


3 Acorn Cup Ring Stack with Diamonds

Shimara Carlow


5 or 3 Acorn Cup Ring Stack

Shimara Carlow


Asymmetrical Water Frequency Earrings

Aurelia Yeomans


Até Silver Ring

Joanna Sinska


Atlas Wrap Around 18ct Gold Ring

3 metals available

Catherine Marche


Bausch Ring

2 Metals Available



Bausch Solitaire

3 Colours Available



Becky Opal Gingko Bracelet

Alison Nagasue


Bizzilla Earrings

Firecrafted Handmade Jewellery


Carla Swan Necklace

Alison Nagasue


Chaingang Geometric Earrings

3 shapes available

Alison Nagasue


Classic Wedding Band

VIX Jewellery


Comet Ring | Mid

Noy Alon


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