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18ct and Diamonds Night and Day Ring

Catherine Marche


18ct Gold Engagement Ring

Shimara Carlow


18ct Gold Eternity Ring

Shimara Carlow


3 Acorn Cup Ring Stack with Diamonds

Shimara Carlow


5 or 3 Acorn Cup Ring Stack

Shimara Carlow


Asymmetrical Water Frequency Earrings

Aurelia Yeomans


Atlas Wrap Around 18ct Gold Ring

3 metals available

Catherine Marche


Bausch Ring

2 Metals Available



Becky Opal Gingko Bracelet

Alison Nagasue


Bizzilla Earrings

Firecrafted Handmade Jewellery


Carla Swan Necklace

Alison Nagasue


Chaingang Geometric Earrings

3 shapes available

Alison Nagasue


Circle & Sphere Earrings

Claire Skelton


Classic Wedding Band

VIX Jewellery


Comet Ring | Mid

Noy Alon


Comet Ring | Slim

Noy Alon


Comet Ring | Wide

Noy Alon


Crystal Drops

Aurelia Yeomans


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