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Men's Collection

3 Lines Pin

Allison Hilton Jones


Abstract Skull Earrings

3 metals available

Nicolas Estrada


Allsorts Cuff Links

Sarah Bourke


Anodised Titanium & Silver Cufflinks

4 Colours Available

Sarah Rothe


Brooch #02 Axel Collection

Lynn Légaré


Corolla Little Prince Pendant - Millemo Collection

3 colors available, 2 styles available

Beautiful Accident


Corrugated Wave Ring - Convex

Melody Armstrong


Cube Cufflinks



Cufflinks 1

Matt Dwyer


Double Bean Ring Medium

10 colours available

Allison Hilton Jones


Double Wood Inlay Ring

Sarah Bourke


Dressed to Digest Series

6 Styles Available

Angela Giuliani


Ebony Brooch

Laura Jaklitsch Jewelry


Four Spike Ring

Maria Kotsoni


Gold Shades Ring

2 Styles Available

Melanie Ihnen


Golden Ratio Ring - Millemo Collection

3 metals available, 5 styles available

Beautiful Accident


Jellyfish Brooch

Slawa Tchorzewska


Juggernaut Ring 2017

Leroy Luar


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Men's Collection

The EA men’s range is a small yet growing collection, starting with cuff links – a great way to individualise traditional men’s shirts. Rings that are suitable for weddings, special occasions and day wear are also featured.

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