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Sharonah Luderitz

Sharonah Lüderitz is a self-taught jewellery designer based in Germany, who creates her pieces with fierce women in mind. Women, who may not be afraid to die but might struggle with being visible. The understated elegance of her pieces aims to effortlessly make women fall in love with the way they look and feel. 

 Before she began her creative endeavor in 2014, Sharonah worked as a freelance interior designer and project manager on large fast-track international projects. These projects were so intense, that she often felt like hitting the pause button on life.  

 Sharonah’s personal life took a turn for the worse severely impacting her mental health. At the lowest point in her life, the only place where her world was still ok, was making jewellery. The process of creating something beautiful felt reassuring and gave her hope. Creating new designs restored her belief in the good. Each piece became a little talisman for her soul, a joyful armour for everyday life.  

 The pieces you see here are the result of endless trials and simplification. They are created to amplify your magic and make you fall in love with the way you feel about yourself wearing them.  

Sharonah Luderitz Jewellery Collection

Statement Ring

Sharonah Luderitz


Statement Earrings

Sharonah Luderitz


Statement Bracelet

Sharonah Luderitz


Night-out Ring

Sharonah Luderitz


Night-out Earrings

Sharonah Luderitz


Night-out Bracelet

Sharonah Luderitz


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