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Brooches & Accessories

Repeat Brooch

Leonie Westbrook


Resin Ovals Cloud Brooch

Kathie Murphy


Resin Ovals Square Brooch

Kathie Murphy


Retro Pin

15 Colours Available

Allison Hilton Jones


Reworked Brooch

Leonie Westbrook


Seacada Brooch/Pendant

Nisa Smiley


Seaweed Brooch

Raluca Buzura


Silver Headpiece

IV Jewellery


Silver Wrap Brooch

Shimara Carlow


Star Pin Iron Pyrite

Melody Armstrong


Star Pin Orange

Melody Armstrong


Voiceless Brooch

Mary Lynn Podiluk


Warp Brooch

4 colours available

ECNP Jewelry


Wave Brooch

Raluca Buzura


Worn Circuit Brooch

Eleanor Symms


Wunderkammer Brooch

Laura Ngyou


Green Egg Pin

Allison Hilton Jones


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Brooches & Accessories

Re-emerging in popularity, brooches have long made a wonderful addition to any wearer’s collection and can be the finishing and complementary touch to an outfit.

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