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Christine Rozina

Cone Spindle Artbook Earrings in various colors

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Unique handmade earrings made of bound fragments of a design book with Art Déco dessins printed on.

The book shows colourful prints of 1930 commercial design art and pattern, which makes the very special visual impact as every earring shows different graphical fragments.

Coloured and waxed cutting edges drive the colour direction.

Each pair comes with a uniquely made box.

Choose your colour for these lightweight and elegant earrings from the colour table!

The book paper is untreated except the waxed cutting edges, but from my ten years experience in making book paper jewellery, they will stand some rain without problems.
Still avoid soaking wet.

Length app. 65 mm

You want a different color? No problem. I can make these eardrops in any color scheme you like.

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Product Details
Measurements Length app. 58 mm
Material(s) Book pages, filled silver