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Quin Pendant

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This delicate gold pendant from the Mitosis collection, is crafted from 18ct yellow gold and features a white diamond in the centre. The pendant is completely hand fabricated using Gemma Grace's signature 'compressed granulation technique'. Individual granules of metal are first made by melting tiny pieces of 18ct gold which form into spheres. The granules are then fused together by heating them to a precise threshold between solid and liquid metal. They are then flattened to form an intricate pattern which is completely unique to each piece. Every pendant is therefore one of a kind. This pendant features a brushed finish.

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Product Details
Measurements Pendant is 1.5cm long x 1.1cm wide 18ct yellow Gold chain - 1mm wide chain, 16 inches/41cm in length.
Material(s) 18ct yellow gold and white diamond.