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Blue and Gold Enamel medium size long Earrings

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This earrings are made using the ancient technique of enameling. Enameling is considered the most intricate and difficult of all jewelry techniques, the process of fusing glass to metal can be dated as far back as the Hellenistic Period (323 B.C. to 31 B.C.). Vitreous enamels start as powder made of finely ground glass mixed with mineral pigments. To reach the desired depth and clarity of color the piece needs to be fired in a kiln many times between 1,380F and 1,560F.

Here, the vitreous enamel is applied to textured fine silver. Gold strips are hand cut out 24K gold foil and fused to the enamel. A special enameling firing technique was employed to add texture and shimmer to the gold strips.

Enamel is applied to textured fine silver, the earwires are sterling silver. 

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Product Details
Measurements Earrings Length: 2" ; Enamel Dangle: 7/8" x 7/8"
Material(s) Fine silver, Sterling Silver, Enamel, 24K yellow Gold