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Mary Lynn Podiluk

Acrolect Neckpiece

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This bold neckpiece embodies the sociolinguistic concept of an ‘acrolect’ - the most prestigious and respected variety of a language - and is reminiscent of a collar worn by Egyptian royalty. At a glance, the piece’s striking colour and texture draw the viewer in; on closer inspection, they are surprised when they realize the forms are individual impressions of teeth. Each hand dyed and cast resin form is offset by polished square tubing strung on bronze-wound steel cable and joined by a handcrafted magnetic clasp that features symmetrically stamped English letters. The backs of the resin teeth are highly polished, allowing light to reflect and refract through the layers, resulting in a captivating glow.

This one-of-a-kind neckpiece becomes a wardrobe focal point that adorns anything from contemporary attire to an elegant gown. Despite its size and presence, Acrolect is very lightweight, perfect for making a statement at formal occasions while remaining comfortable. 

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Product Details
Measurements Neckpiece Height-Width-Depth: 30cm-30cm-4cm / 11.8"-11.8"-1.6"; Weight: 345g / 0.76 lb
Material(s) Gold-plated brass, dyed resin, bronze-wound steel wire, copper, magnets