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Transparencia Bracelet 3

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This is a bracelet that gives brightness and offers the reverberation of shapes emulating the process already experimented with necklaces. The bracelet is made of Plexiglass and each element is finished by hand. The closure is made by magnets and silver. It is not a rigid but soft bracelet  to handle with care. It is part of the Transparencia collection, a research on metal reflections, transparency and movement. Is also a tribute to the Venezuelan masters of optical art Cruz Diez, Soto and Otero. 

As a one of a kind item, it’s unable to be reproduced, however, inquiries for a similar, but not exact replica are welcome. Please contact us at

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Product Details
Measurements Length 21,5 cm/ 84.64" ; Width 6,5 cm/ 25.59" ; Thickness 1,5 cm/ 5.90" ; Weight gr 104
Material(s) Plexiglass (acridite) ; Closure: Plexiglass and silver