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Malki Studio

Bloom and Serpent Earrings

  • Product Code: MS-AUS-43-1987
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These stud earrings are part of the For Maria Primachenko Collection which celebrates Ukrainian culture. They feature a large central flower surrounded by a textured border reminiscent of Ukrainian embroidery. Flowers are a prominent motif in Ukrainian folk art and are often included in paintings and costumes (e.g. Petrykivka painting and vinok (flower wreath/crown)). A serpent appears to one side of each earring curving along the perimeter of the flower in a sinusoidal form. The snake features in several Ukrainian folktales and is also a symbol of the more devious events taking place in Ukraine during the ongoing war.

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Product Details
Measurements Diameter: 1.65cm / 0.65" ; Earring height excluding stem: 0.75cm / 0.3"
Material(s) Sterling silver (responsibly sourced).