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Most Precious

Earrings Ancient

  • Product Code: MS-ROU-02-1996
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The item is part of the "Ancient Collection".
Who hasn't seen the beautiful Greek or Roman jewels in museums? How admired are they even after thousands of years? These objects inspired me to the "Ancient Collection", which is designed to be also timeless.

The Ancient earrings are made in small series of sterling silver and about 6.5 cm long and 3 cm width, They are gold plated and their stone is Onyx.

The pieces are completely handmade and have small peculiarities compared to the objects in the photo gallery, differences that give the earrings uniqueness.

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Product Details
Measurements The earrings are about 6,5 cm length and 3 cm width
Material(s) Available in gold plated sterling silver and Onix