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Valeria D'Annibale

Petal Drop Earrings

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One of a kind sterling silver floral statement earrings with petal shaped natural crystal drops.

Luxuriously long and opulent drops, enriched by these absolutely stunning semiprecious stones in an incredibly vibrant  colour.

Submerge yourself into Nature and colours, like in a magical fairy tale.

These drop earrings feature a petal shape 3D designed and handmade in silver, with one of a kind colourful stones.

These earrings are elegant, fresh and exclusively unique. The precious metal and semi precious stones are sure to make this extraordinary statement accessory into a keepsake to always remember and celebrate a special moment. 

**Double score if it is a gift to self to celebrate your beautiful self! **



The vibrant green blue colour of these Amazonite will spice up your spring dresses, and also work magic with a simple jeans and maxi sweater in winter.These stones are truly unique and one of a kind! Their colour is a bright teal, very vibrant blue with a green undertone, just like the beautiful water of Amazon river.

Amazonite is believed to make hopes and dreams come true. It takes its name from the color of the Amazon river, and was is associated with the throut chakra, speaking the truth to yourself and others. 

These beautiful stones are graded A+ for their vibrant color and very unique and unsual petal cut, making these earrings truly extraordinary and one of a kind.

Lavender Agate

Lavander agate is believed to balance up your energy, being both calming and energizing. Stimulates passion and creativity, helps to achieve personal goals and symbolizes personal power!

Rose Quartz

These stones are honestly so cute and perfectly round and shiny! Their colour is a milky pastel rose, very delicate with even some sparkles inside the fractures, to make them even more special!


Rose quartz is the stone of Love. For centuries before us it has been associated with love, for yourself and others, for the Universe and Life. It is a symbol of endless complicity and passion, a calming and relaxing crystal that has powerful meanings and symbolism.

 These beautiful stones are graded AA for their milky rose colour and very cute drop cut.

Don't miss out on a pop of colour that will suit bright personalities and  new romantic souls.

These mid-length drop earrings are particularly flattering for any face shape.

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Product Details
Measurements Agate version 5cm Amazonite version 4 cm Rose quartz version 3.5 cm
Material(s) Polished silver with natural Amazonite, dyed Lavender agate, Rose quartz