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Leroy Luar

knock knock - belt

  • Product Code: LL-MYS-01-2078
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24k gold plated brass and bronze. Belt and convertible buckle. Buckle can be worn separately as a brooch. Entire design is hand fabricated - this design updates chainmail belts favoured by the Straits Chinese in the Straits Settlement, Malaya. These belts were historically worn decoratively to cinch a traditional blouse called 'kebaya', which is a garment that has experienced a resurgence in popularity amongst enthusiasts of Straits Chinese culture. 

This is a one of a kind piece and is the first in a series of similarly style belts. Send me a message for customised buckle designs or belt lengths.

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Product Details
Measurements Belt measures 2.5ft long
Material(s) brass, bronze, gold plating